• Appetizers

    • Anchovies

      Fresh Imported French anchovies baked on crostini and served with green sauce; basil, parsley, dill and capers.

    • Angels on Horse Back

      Dates stuffed with garlic and wrapped in smoked country bacon served with a peppery honey demi-glaze.

    • Baby Clams

      With garlic, white wine, parsley and crushed red pepper over angel hair pasta.

    • Baked Artichokes Aphrodisiac

      A tender artichoke stuffed with garlic and topped with hollandaise sauce.

    • Cheese Board

      Cheeses and a variety of fruits, nuts, honey, and house made sauces.

    • Conch Carpaccio from the Bahamas.

      Thinly sliced conch served with fine diced red bell pepper, Asiago cheese, capers and Bermuda onions.

    • Escargot

      A la bourguignonne, hand picked very clean escargot from France.

    • Mini Lamb Chops

      Served over creamy mash potatoes, baked with garlic and olive oil, finished with a dash of truffle oil.

    • Saganaki

      Halloumi cheese from Cypress, baked with herbs and olive oil, finished with cognac, lemon, pita, giant caper berry's, Flambeed.

    • Tuna "Tataki"

      Thinly sliced seared Black fin tuna served with a key lime wasabi cream and hoisin sauce.

    • Vitello Tunato

      Thinly sliced braised & chilled Veal with a Black fin tuna and caper sauce.

    • Soups

    • French Onion "Les Halles"

      Silvered onions slowly caramelized, finished with champagne, port, and demi-glaze.  Baked in the oven with toasted baguette and a Gruyere mixture.  Bon appetite.

    • Gazpacho De Madrid

      Ripe tomato's and cucumber with red bell's and garlic make this the best-chilled Andalusian soup you never had.  Rated to die for by local enthusiasts!

    • Lobster Bisque

      Simply perfect.  Lobster meat, caramelized onion with port, tomato, and cream.  Basta!

    • Portobello Soup

      Cafe sole's & chef Correa's most famous soup.  Winner of the great "chef's classic" and overall best soup in Key West.  Portobello mushroom and onion with white wine, port and a touch of cream.

    • Salads

    • "Ingram's Salad"

      Wild baby greens with ripe pears and toasted pecans tossed in zesty lemon vinaigrette topped with maytag blue cheese.

    • "Jerry's Tomato Salad"

      Ripe Roma tomato, silvered crescent of Bermuda onion, Kalamata olives tossed with our fabulous balsamic vinaigrette and finished with a light fresh French goat cheese.

    • Arugula salad

      Tossed in a truffle Vinaigrette and topped with shaved Parmesan, silvered pears, and toasted pumpkin seeds.

    • Beet salad Napoleon

      Roasted red beets, goat cheese, shallot vinaigrette finished with white truffle oil.

    • Caesar Salad

      Hearts of romaine served with a spicy dressing and crostini.

    • Caprese Burrata Salad

      Ripe roma tomatoes, fresh burrata mozzarella, pesto, fresh basil, drizzled with olive oil and a balsamic vinegar reduction.

    • Pasta

    • Fruit of the Sea

      Fresh local shrimp, scallops and calamari tossed with garlic and served over angel hair pasta with three sauces.

    • Shrimp Sole'

      Eight pink gold shrimp sauteed with cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and basil on a bed of angel hair pasta.

    • Fish

    • Bouillabisse

      With shrimp, mussels, scallops, grouper, fresh vegetables and homemade broth...the real French fish stew.

    • Florida Lobster Tail

      Grilled and served with drawn butter.

    • Hog Snapper ~Chef Correa's Award Winning Dish~

      With a roasted red pepper zabaglione.  A delicate white meat with the flavor of shrimp, caught exclusively by divers.

    • Salmon Oscar

      Grilled Salmon topped with crab meat, asparagus, and Key West pink gold shrimp with our homemade Hollandaise.

    • Shrimp Romesco

      9 local gold shrimp served with our lightly spicy, roasted red pepper and hazelnut sauce with garlic and tomatos.

    • Snapper Sole

      A sunburst of tropical flavors.  Yellowtail snapper sauteed and served with a mango salsa.

    • Tuna "Tataki"

      Ahi tuna served with hoisin garlic sauce, wasabi encrusted peas and wasabi lemon cream.

    • Meat

    • 10 Oz. Filet Mignon "Casanova"

      Served with a wild mushroom demi-glaze with foie gras.

    • Duck a L`Orange

      Duckling roasted to perfection with our classic orange sauce made with fresh orange juice and demi-glaze.

    • Rack of Lamb

      Backed with herb de provence and garlic.